Global India Express Charges through International Courier, Others, UPS, & TNT Door Delivery anywhere in Bulgaria

Weight KgInternational CourierOthersUPSTNTTNT Imp.
0.5 KgINR 1,999INR 2,699INR 3,215INR 3,699INR 4,850
1 KgINR 2,273INR 3,629INR 4,713INR 5,562INR 6,297
1.5 KgINR 2,539INR 4,191INR 5,329INR 6,523INR 7,207
2 KgINR 2,805INR 4,751INR 5,937INR 7,484INR 8,117
2.5 KgINR 3,071INR 5,313INR 6,551INR 8,449INR 9,028
3 KgINR 3,315INR 4,449INR 7,164INR 9,463INR 9,911
3.5 KgINR 3,560INR 4,774INR 7,781INR 10,469INR 10,796
4 KgINR 3,805INR 5,101INR 8,394INR 11,483INR 11,681
4.5 KgINR 4,049INR 5,429INR 9,005INR 12,493INR 12,566
5 KgINR 4,294INR 5,754INR 9,611INR 13,511INR 13,449
5.5 KgINR 4,492INR 6,083INR 10,157INR 14,253INR 14,278
6 KgINR 4,690INR 6,410INR 10,693INR 14,994INR 15,104
6.5 KgINR 4,888INR 6,738INR 11,240INR 15,739INR 15,932
7 KgINR 5,087INR 7,063INR 11,792INR 16,480INR 16,759
7.5 KgINR 5,485INR 7,590INR 12,530INR 17,425INR 17,587
8 KgINR 5,683INR 7,917INR 13,074INR 18,167INR 18,416
8.5 KgINR 5,881INR 8,242INR 13,610INR 18,912INR 19,242
9 KgINR 6,079INR 8,570INR 14,159INR 19,653INR 20,070
9.5 KgINR 6,277INR 8,897INR 14,700INR 20,398INR 20,897
10 KgINR 6,476INR 9,224INR 15,247INR 21,144INR 21,725
10.5 KgINR 6,618INR 9,532INR 17,656INR 22,023INR 22,552
11 KgINR 6,761INR 9,845INR 18,108INR 22,846INR 23,380
11.5 KgINR 6,904INR 10,155INR 18,556INR 23,665INR 24,207
12 KgINR 7,047INR 10,468INR 19,009INR 24,479INR 25,035
12.5 KgINR 7,190INR 10,781INR 19,472INR 25,302INR 25,862
13 KgINR 7,333INR 11,093INR 20,032INR 26,120INR 26,690
13.5 KgINR 7,475INR 11,404INR 20,579INR 26,935INR 27,518
14 KgINR 7,618INR 11,716INR 21,131INR 27,762INR 28,345
14.5 KgINR 7,761INR 12,029INR 21,704INR 28,580INR 29,173
15 KgINR 7,904INR 12,341INR 22,261INR 29,395INR 30,000
15.5 KgINR 8,047INR 12,652INR 22,797INR 30,344INR 30,828
16 KgINR 8,190INR 12,964INR 23,352INR 31,297INR 31,654
16.5 KgINR 8,332INR 13,277INR 23,920INR 32,245INR 32,483
17 KgINR 8,475INR 13,589INR 24,402INR 33,194INR 33,309
17.5 KgINR 8,618INR 13,900INR 24,911INR 34,143INR 34,138
18 KgINR 8,761INR 14,212INR 25,407INR 34,958INR 34,964
18.5 KgINR 8,904INR 14,525INR 25,902INR 35,780INR 35,792
19 KgINR 9,047INR 14,837INR 26,398INR 36,599INR 36,621
19.5 KgINR 9,189INR 15,148INR 26,899INR 37,413INR 37,447
20 KgINR 9,332INR 15,460INR 27,387INR 38,236INR 38,276
21 KgINR 9,843INR 16,079INR 29,308INR 38,814INR 39,898
22 KgINR 10,353INR 16,702INR 30,396INR 40,639INR 41,490
23 KgINR 10,864INR 17,327INR 31,438INR 42,463INR 43,083
24 KgINR 11,375INR 17,950INR 32,499INR 44,288INR 44,674
25 KgINR 11,885INR 18,573INR 33,563INR 46,112INR 46,267
26 KgINR 12,896INR 19,698INR 34,984INR 48,437INR 47,858
27 KgINR 13,407INR 20,321INR 35,901INR 50,261INR 49,451
28 KgINR 13,917INR 20,944INR 36,779INR 52,086INR 51,042
29 KgINR 14,428INR 21,569INR 37,567INR 53,910INR 52,635
30 KgINR 14,938INR 22,192INR 38,368INR 55,735INR 54,226
31 KgINR 14,726INR 22,818INR 39,153INR 31,105INR 55,819
32 KgINR 15,169INR 23,441INR 39,954INR 32,077INR 57,410
33 KgINR 15,612INR 24,064INR 40,726INR 33,048INR 59,003
34 KgINR 16,054INR 24,689INR 41,535INR 34,019INR 60,596
35 KgINR 16,497INR 25,312INR 42,331INR 34,990INR 62,187
36 KgINR 16,940INR 25,935INR 43,129INR 35,961INR 63,780
37 KgINR 17,383INR 26,560INR 43,909INR 36,932INR 65,371
38 KgINR 17,825INR 27,183INR 44,729INR 37,903INR 66,964
39 KgINR 18,268INR 27,808INR 45,570INR 38,875INR 68,555
40 KgINR 18,711INR 28,431INR 46,374INR 39,846INR 70,148
41 KgINR 19,154INR 29,054INR 47,183INR 40,817INR 71,739
42 KgINR 19,596INR 29,679INR 48,000INR 41,788INR 73,332
43 KgINR 20,039INR 30,302INR 48,823INR 42,759INR 74,923
44 KgINR 20,482INR 30,925INR 49,656INR 43,730INR 76,516
45 KgINR 20,925INR 31,546INR 52,534INR 44,349INR 78,089
46 KgINR 21,368INR 32,137INR 53,372INR 45,312INR 79,645
47 KgINR 21,810INR 32,731INR 54,219INR 46,276INR 81,200
48 KgINR 22,253INR 33,323INR 55,087INR 47,239INR 82,758
49 KgINR 22,696INR 33,914INR 55,776INR 48,202INR 84,314
50 KgINR 23,139INR 34,508INR 56,504INR 49,166INR 85,869
51 KgINR 23,581INR 35,099INR 57,204INR 50,129INR 87,425
52 KgINR 24,024INR 35,693INR 57,841INR 51,092INR 88,981
53 KgINR 24,467INR 36,284INR 58,508INR 52,056INR 90,537
54 KgINR 24,910INR 36,878INR 59,184INR 53,019INR 92,094
55 KgINR 25,353INR 37,470INR 59,845INR 53,982INR 93,650
56 KgINR 25,795INR 38,061INR 60,518INR 54,945INR 95,206
57 KgINR 26,238INR 38,655INR 61,148INR 55,909INR 96,761
58 KgINR 26,681INR 39,246INR 61,804INR 56,872INR 98,317
59 KgINR 27,124INR 39,840INR 62,460INR 57,835INR 99,875
60 KgINR 27,566INR 40,431INR 63,144INR 58,799INR 101,430
61 KgINR 28,009INR 41,025INR 63,787INR 59,762INR 102,986
62 KgINR 28,452INR 41,617INR 64,462INR 60,725INR 104,542
63 KgINR 28,895INR 42,208INR 65,110INR 61,689INR 106,097
64 KgINR 29,337INR 42,802INR 65,745INR 62,652INR 107,655
65 KgINR 29,780INR 43,393INR 66,429INR 63,615INR 109,211
66 KgINR 30,223INR 43,987INR 67,072INR 64,579INR 110,766
67 KgINR 30,666INR 44,578INR 67,720INR 65,542INR 112,322
68 KgINR 31,109INR 45,172INR 68,714INR 66,505INR 113,878
69 KgINR 31,551INR 45,764INR 69,711INR 67,468INR 115,434
70 KgINR 31,994INR 46,355INR 70,707INR 68,432INR 116,991
71 Kg +INR 397 Per KgINR 604 Per KgINR 1,268 Per KgINR 917 Per KgINR 1,596 Per Kg
101 Kg +INR 389 Per KgINR 591 Per KgINR 1,269 Per KgINR 795 Per KgINR 1,541 Per Kg
301 Kg +INR 379 Per KgINR 577 Per KgINR 1,255 Per KgINR 767 Per KgINR 1,491 Per Kg
501 Kg +INR 371 Per KgINR 552 Per KgINR 1,232 Per KgINR 800 Per KgINR 1,459 Per Kg
1001 Kg +INR 363 Per KgINR 545 Per KgINR 1,205 Per KgINR 734 Per KgINR 1,426 Per Kg
Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in Bulgaria) will be additional.

Important Note:

  1. Service tax as applicable as per government rule.
  2. Actual weight and volume weight whichever is higher will be applicable.
  3. Volume weight calculator (Length x writhe x heights /5000) CMS.
  4. Chargeable weight will be determined after package is picked up from location by our team.
  5. If you have multiple boxes each items will be calculated with actual or dimensional weight whichever is higher.
  6. Global India Express will not be responsible for any delays in shipment due to custom clearance, National Holidays, religious holidays, inclement weather conditions, etc.
  7. all consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling
  8. any custom duty charged by destination govt. consignee will have to pay as per actual

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