Packaging Advise Global India Express Pvt Ltd. For Sending International Courier 

Now, you have got to know about the various types of corrugated boxes that are used in international parcel delivery. Let’s start with which box to use for what kind of items. The above-mentioned corrugated boxes can be used for food, books, apparels, office supplies, etc. while if you are sending musical items or any artwork, wooden boxes should be preferred.

Here are our suggestions that can help you with packing:

Over 10 kgs: Single Wall Corrugated Box

Over 20 Kgs Double Wall Corrugated Box

Over 30 Kgs Triple Wall Corrugated Box

Please note:

  1. If you are using old boxes, make sure that they are robust. Your parcel is going with other goods as well which might be kept on the top of your parcel. So, make sure that your old box has good strength.
  2. Make sure that there is no extra space in the box. If there is extra space, choose a small size box and save your shipping costs. If you don’t want to change the box, fill it with crumpled paper so that your goods/gifts are compactly packed.
  3. Don’t force your goods to be so tightly packed that it could tear up during transit.

Packaging Advice For Sending Documents/Letters/Applications

Packaging Advice For Sending Documents LettersApplications

Letters and postcards

The letter/postcard rate of postage applies to items no larger in size than C5, the size of an envelope containing a folded A4 sheet of paper. Most letters, postcards, bills, statements and greeting cards fall into this category.

To qualify for this rate of postage, items must weigh no more than 100g and meet the following size requirements:

  • Minimum 14cm long, 9cm wide, 0.018cm deep (with a tolerance of 0.2cm)
  • Maximum 23.5cm long, 16.2cm wide, 0.5cm deep

Small items must be inserted into an envelope of at least the minimum dimensions to meet regulations or they may be charged at the parcel rate.

Large envelopes

The large envelope rate of postage applies to flat items, such as an A4 sheet of standard paper. Documents, brochures, magazines, CDs and DVDs fall into this category. (CD & DVD Mus Wrapped with Bubble Sheet)

To qualify for this rate of postage, items must weigh no more than 500g and meet the following size requirements:

  • Minimum 14cm long, 9cm wide, 0.018cm deep (with a tolerance of 0.2cm)
  • Maximum 40cm long, 30cm wide; 2.5cm deep

Inner Packing Material

Inner packaging is important to prevent the movement of your goods inside the box and avoid the damage caused to them. You can use the following material to ensure the safety of your goods during the transit. 

1.Bubble Wrap


2. Crumpled Paper


Crumpled Paper - Packaging Advise for Sending Internatinal Courier Global India Express

2. Foam


4. Polystyrene Peanuts



1. Use Bubble Wrap To Pack All Items In Box Individually


It is highly recommended to wrap all the items in the box individually using bubble wrap to prevent your items from colliding and leading to a loss. For fragile items, we have certain packing advise depending on the type of the item. Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Never leave any free space in your box. Fill it with Polystyrene peanuts or crumpled paper to fill the empty space or fit the product well using polyethylene foam and make sure it can’t move inside the box.

2. Tape, Tape and Tape


The more you tape, the stronger your box will become. It is advisable to tape at least 2-3 times to increase the strength of the box.

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