Global India Express Charges through International Courier, Others, UPS, & TNT Door Delivery anywhere in Laos.

Weight KgInternational CourierOthersUPSTNTTNT Import
0.5 KgINR 1,951INR 2,499INR 3,150INR 2,999INR 5,598
1 KgINR 2,530INR 3,237INR 5,225INR 3,100INR 6,655
1.5 KgINR 2,864INR 3,763INR 5,902INR 3,813INR 7,710
2 KgINR 3,198INR 4,292INR 6,567INR 4,003INR 8,766
2.5 KgINR 3,532INR 4,818INR 7,239INR 4,500INR 9,823
3 KgINR 3,805INR 4,342INR 7,909INR 6,290INR 4,058
3.5 KgINR 4,078INR 4,583INR 8,576INR 14,493INR 4,340
4 KgINR 4,351INR 4,827INR 9,252INR 15,678INR 4,621
4.5 KgINR 4,624INR 5,068INR 9,916INR 16,863INR 4,903
5 KgINR 4,897INR 5,309INR 10,589INR 18,052INR 5,184
5.5 KgINR 5,096INR 5,534INR 11,199INR 19,091INR 5,248
6 KgINR 5,294INR 5,756INR 11,834INR 20,125INR 5,518
6.5 KgINR 5,492INR 5,980INR 12,485INR 21,164INR 5,788
7 KgINR 5,690INR 6,203INR 13,139INR 22,198INR 6,058
7.5 KgINR 6,088INR 6,627INR 13,990INR 23,437INR 6,329
8 KgINR 6,286INR 6,852INR 14,601INR 24,426INR 6,598
8.5 KgINR 6,485INR 7,074INR 15,193INR 25,412INR 6,869
9 KgINR 6,683INR 7,298INR 15,769INR 26,397INR 7,138
9.5 KgINR 6,881INR 7,521INR 16,343INR 27,387INR 7,409
10 KgINR 7,079INR 7,745INR 16,919INR 28,372INR 7,680
10.5 KgINR 7,226INR 7,982INR 21,042INR 29,342INR 7,287
11 KgINR 7,372INR 8,215INR 21,688INR 30,238INR 7,534
11.5 KgINR 7,518INR 8,448INR 22,342INR 31,138INR 7,782
12 KgINR 7,665INR 8,679INR 22,993INR 32,034INR 8,030
12.5 KgINR 7,811INR 8,912INR 23,644INR 32,934INR 8,278
13 KgINR 7,958INR 9,144INR 24,292INR 33,838INR 8,526
13.5 KgINR 8,104INR 9,377INR 24,941INR 34,734INR 8,773
14 KgINR 8,250INR 9,610INR 25,592INR 35,634INR 9,021
14.5 KgINR 8,397INR 9,841INR 26,240INR 36,530INR 9,267
15 KgINR 8,543INR 10,074INR 26,888INR 37,434INR 9,515
15.5 KgINR 8,690INR 10,306INR 27,539INR 38,228INR 9,763
16 KgINR 8,836INR 10,539INR 28,188INR 39,030INR 10,010
16.5 KgINR 8,982INR 10,772INR 28,842INR 39,828INR 10,258
17 KgINR 9,129INR 11,003INR 29,490INR 40,627INR 10,506
17.5 KgINR 9,275INR 11,236INR 30,138INR 41,425INR 10,754
18 KgINR 9,422INR 11,469INR 30,752INR 42,223INR 11,002
18.5 KgINR 9,568INR 11,701INR 31,371INR 43,025INR 11,249
19 KgINR 9,714INR 11,934INR 32,065INR 43,820INR 11,497
19.5 KgINR 9,861INR 12,165INR 32,764INR 44,622INR 11,745
20 KgINR 10,007INR 12,398INR 33,391INR 45,420INR 11,993
21 KgINR 10,584INR 12,895INR 35,023INR 45,058INR 12,479
22 KgINR 11,160INR 13,428INR 36,668INR 47,179INR 12,957
23 KgINR 11,737INR 13,963INR 38,313INR 49,301INR 13,435
24 KgINR 12,314INR 14,498INR 39,963INR 51,423INR 13,915
25 KgINR 12,891INR 15,032INR 41,600INR 53,545INR 14,393
26 KgINR 13,967INR 16,067INR 43,743INR 56,167INR 14,872
27 KgINR 14,544INR 16,602INR 45,388INR 58,288INR 15,350
28 KgINR 15,121INR 17,135INR 47,033INR 60,410INR 15,828
29 KgINR 15,697INR 17,670INR 48,675INR 62,532INR 16,308
30 KgINR 16,274INR 18,205INR 50,321INR 64,654INR 16,786
31 KgINR 15,667INR 18,740INR 51,963INR 43,730INR 17,263
32 KgINR 16,140INR 19,275INR 53,608INR 45,109INR 17,743
33 KgINR 16,613INR 19,810INR 55,250INR 46,487INR 18,221
34 KgINR 17,086INR 20,342INR 56,896INR 47,865INR 18,699
35 KgINR 17,559INR 20,877INR 58,541INR 49,244INR 19,178
36 KgINR 18,032INR 21,412INR 60,183INR 50,622INR 19,656
37 KgINR 18,506INR 21,947INR 61,828INR 52,001INR 20,136
38 KgINR 18,979INR 22,482INR 63,471INR 53,379INR 20,614
39 KgINR 19,452INR 23,017INR 65,116INR 54,757INR 21,092
40 KgINR 19,925INR 23,550INR 66,761INR 56,136INR 21,571
41 KgINR 20,398INR 24,085INR 68,403INR 57,514INR 22,049
42 KgINR 20,871INR 24,619INR 70,048INR 58,893INR 22,527
43 KgINR 21,344INR 25,154INR 71,691INR 60,271INR 23,007
44 KgINR 21,817INR 25,689INR 73,336INR 61,649INR 23,485
45 KgINR 22,291INR 27,149INR 70,102INR 62,323INR 22,870
46 KgINR 22,764INR 27,667INR 71,407INR 63,686INR 23,318
47 KgINR 23,237INR 28,185INR 72,738INR 65,048INR 23,768
48 KgINR 23,710INR 28,704INR 73,973INR 66,411INR 24,216
49 KgINR 24,183INR 29,222INR 75,209INR 67,774INR 24,665
50 KgINR 24,656INR 29,740INR 76,420INR 69,137INR 25,115
51 KgINR 25,129INR 30,258INR 77,671INR 70,499INR 25,562
52 KgINR 25,602INR 30,776INR 78,901INR 71,862INR 26,012
53 KgINR 26,076INR 31,294INR 80,130INR 73,225INR 26,460
54 KgINR 26,549INR 31,812INR 81,382INR 74,588INR 26,909
55 KgINR 27,022INR 32,332INR 82,609INR 75,950INR 27,357
56 KgINR 27,495INR 32,851INR 83,943INR 77,313INR 27,807
57 KgINR 27,968INR 33,369INR 85,138INR 78,676INR 28,254
58 KgINR 28,441INR 33,887INR 86,384INR 80,039INR 28,704
59 KgINR 28,914INR 34,405INR 87,638INR 81,401INR 29,152
60 KgINR 29,387INR 34,923INR 88,854INR 82,764INR 29,601
61 KgINR 29,861INR 35,441INR 90,108INR 84,127INR 30,051
62 KgINR 30,334INR 35,959INR 91,306INR 85,489INR 30,499
63 KgINR 30,807INR 36,477INR 92,578INR 86,852INR 30,948
64 KgINR 31,280INR 36,996INR 93,814INR 88,215INR 31,396
65 KgINR 31,753INR 37,514INR 95,057INR 89,578INR 31,846
66 KgINR 32,226INR 38,034INR 96,279INR 90,940INR 32,293
67 KgINR 32,699INR 38,552INR 97,597INR 92,303INR 32,743
68 KgINR 33,172INR 39,070INR 98,824INR 93,666INR 33,191
69 KgINR 33,646INR 39,588INR 100,134INR 95,029INR 33,640
70 KgINR 34,119INR 40,106INR 101,570INR 96,391INR 34,088
71 Kg +INR 427 Per KgINR 572 Per KgINR 1,595 Per KgINR 390 Per KgINR 466 Per Kg
101 Kg +INR 418 Per KgINR 548 Per KgINR 1,561 Per KgINR 360 Per KgINR 447 Per Kg
301 Kg +INR 401 Per KgINR 531 Per KgINR 1,543 Per KgINR 350 Per KgINR 428 Per Kg
501 Kg +INR 392 Per KgINR 514 Per KgINR 1,517 Per KgINR 325 Per KgINR 419 Per Kg
1001 Kg +INR 384 Per KgINR 496 Per KgINR 1,483 Per KgINR 299 Per KgINR 409 Per Kg
Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in Laos ) will be additional.

Important Note:

  1. Service tax as applicable as per government rule.
  2. Actual weight and volume weight whichever is higher will be applicable.
  3. Volume weight calculator (Length x writhe x heights /5000) CMS.
  4. Chargeable weight will be determined after package is picked up from location by our team.
  5. If you have multiple boxes each items will be calculated with actual or dimensional weight whichever is higher.
  6. Global India Express will not be responsible for any delays in shipment due to custom clearance, National Holidays, religious holidays, inclement weather conditions, etc.
  7. all consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling
  8. any custom duty charged by destination govt. consignee will have to pay as per actual

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