Remote Area Location & Surcharge


Shipping to remote areas is more complex than standard shipping, both for economical and logistics reasons. Generally, booking shipping services to remote areas is possible. As long as you receive mail to your address, carriers are most probably able to deliver a shipment there. Usually, deliveries to remote properties come with a higher price or additional fees.

If you live in a remote area or want to ship a package to a remote area , there are few things to take into account. Here is all you need to know.

What is a remote location?

A remote area is defined as a place that is not close to any larger city or any other point, where local depots of courier companies are located. This makes the area difficult to reach. 

These locations are usually islands, ski resorts, suburbs, small towns, places that are neither highly populated nor easy to access and far from a shipper’s hub. These locations are generally considered remote areas by most courier companies. 

Courier companies have depots in different locations which vary from one another. Therefore, if their closest depot to the pick-up or delivery address is far away, that address can fall under the same category as the remote area.

What to expect when you ship to/ from a remote location

Deliveries to such areas usually imply a remote area surcharge

What fees can apply? 
The additional fees that might apply are usually called remote area surcharges. Most courier companies apply it when the delivery address is not easy to access due to the distance from the courier’s hub. 
Does Global India Express Pvt. Ltd apply additional fees? 
Global India Express Pvt. Ltd will provide you with a final quote for your shipping regardless of the destination in the EU. No extra charges will be added to the final price.

Global India Express Pvt. Ltd provides you with the cheapest option for the selected route and the price we offer is final.
If you plan to ship parcels to an area which is not easily accessible, we strongly recommend you get in touch and check with us first. 
Global India Express Pvt. Ltd collaborates with many international courier companies that offer coverage to remote areas across Europe. In this way, shipping to a remote area is possible.

The delivery time is not guaranteed and deliveries to remote areas are not done regularly.

There are areas which are served once or twice per week. You will want to check these details with the courier company before.

The shipping service to remote areas rarely has a well-defined delivery time. Deliveries to such location will take longer. The average transit time displayed on the carriers’ website won’t always apply. At Global India Express Pvt. Ltd, we have taken into account all these details when estimating the average transit time.

You also have to consider that it might take longer for the information in the tracking system to be updated. Updates in the tracking system appear when the parcel is scanned in a new depot. Given the fact that it takes longer for a package collected from a remote area to reach the first depot, updates will also take longer to appear in the system.

How to check if the address falls into the category of remote areas?

Big courier companies make some tools available for the customers to check if their location is considered remote. You will either find a document on their website with an exhaustive list of remote areas or a tool where the customers have to insert the postal code to get this information.

Get in touch with us and we will check with the courier companies is a particular zone is considered remote.

Can you book shipping to remote areas With Global India Express Pvt Ltd?

Yes, through our platform you can book shipping services to any place in a member country of the EU. Thanks to our extensive network of international courier companies, we are able to offer access to deliveries in many locations which are difficult to reach. However, have in mind that even if you choose a particular date for the pick-up, when your address is located in a remote area, the courier company might come to pick up the parcel on a different date – the day when they serve the area.

Door-to-door shipping to remote areas
In many cases, if you book the collection of a package from an area that the courier company doesn’t serve, the company will deliver the package to their nearest depot to your address. If you want the package to be delivered to your doorstep, extra charges might occur. You can also arrange the pickup of the parcels from their depot yourself.

Try to get accurate information about this possible scenario so it won’t come as a surprise later on. It is the customer’s responsibility to check and ensure beforehand that the courier company is able to deliver the shipment to the specified address.

At Global India Express Pvt. Ltd, we will assist you and we will give you detailed information about how shipping to remote areas works.

This being said, when you organize courier services for shipping to remote areas, it is worth checking on the carriers’ website directly or getting in touch with us. We will give you all the necessary information and ensure that your parcels get to the destination.