Courier Charges To Cameroon From Jaipur

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Below best & cheapest Courier Charges To Cameroon From Jaipur

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DHL Courier Charges
0.5 Kg₹ 1990.00₹ 3650.00
1 Kg₹ 2440.00₹ 4100.00
1.5 Kg₹ 2740.00₹ 4950.00
2 Kg₹ 3040.00₹ 5800.00
2.5 Kg₹ 3340.00₹ 6650.00
3 Kg₹ 3940.00₹ 7500.00
3.5 Kg₹ 4040.00₹ 8350.00
4 Kg₹ 4540.00₹ 9200.00
4.5 Kg₹ 5200.00₹ 10050.00
5 Kg₹ 6500.00₹ 10900.00
5.5 Kg₹ 7000.00 ₹ 11850.00
6 Kg₹ 7240.00₹ 12800.00
6.5 Kg₹ 7540.00₹ 13750.00
7 Kg₹ 7840.00₹ 14700.00
7.5 Kg₹ 8040.00₹ 15650.00
8 Kg₹ 8040.00₹ 16600.00
8.5 Kg₹ 8240.00₹ 17550.00
9 Kg₹ 8440.00₹ 18500.00
9.5 Kg₹ 9640.00₹ 19450.00
10 Kg₹ 9840.00₹ 20400.00
Rate Per Kg - Flat
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DHL Courier Charges
Above 10 Kg₹ 980.00₹ 1850.00
Above 20 Kg₹ 850.00₹ 1620.00
Above 30 Kg₹ 820.00₹ 1620.00
Above 40 Kg₹ 800.00₹ 1550.00
Above 50 Kg₹ 800.00₹ 1250.00
Above 70 Kg₹ 790.00₹ 1250.00
Above 100Kg₹ 790.00₹ 1250.00
Estimated Time4-7 Working Days3-5 Working Days

Important Note:

Courier Charges To Cameroon From Jaipur

Small Courier Charges To Cameroon From Jaipur– Deeply discounted charges on small parcels make your business more competitive and appealing to Jaipur customers. Different carriers will have better deals depending on the city. With us you can always find the cheapest way to Courier From Jaipur to Cameroon destination.

Special offer rate for above 10 Kg Courier Charges To Cameroon From Jaipur– We have the best deals for sending courier, cargo & parcel for Cameroon for more than 10 Kg box with express & economy delivery send a query for getting lowest charges.

Volume consolidated services – SMEs get easy access to GIEPL tier 1 carrier network of consolidated courier services. Consolidated courier is convenient and another way to find the cheapest way to send a courier from Jaipur to Cameroon consumers.

Excess baggage & unaccompanied baggage delivery: We offers customers a very safe, secure and dependable excess baggage courier service. High-quality materials in packaging and other associated services are specially designed & chosen to suit the specific transportation.

Do you want to send food item To Cameroon?

Just call us for online booking, direct phone call or send an email. Our expert team will come to your address then will be packed the all foods items and will deliver it at your door address of your consignee. Our forwarding company will clear your foods at origin & destination custom with the support of sender and consignee. We just need some documentation like KYC, item purchase bill and statement for reason of Export/Import.

Also request you to please check first with your consignee that, destination country has an option for import foods or not).

Our company will assist you with full customer support from the time of booking to till the delivery by SMS/Email/Call & Web tracking service. So just call and book your courier to Cameroon from Jaipur.

Do you want to send excess baggage/unaccompanied baggage to Cameroon?

You need help to send excess baggage/unaccompanied baggage to Cameroon from Jaipur, Just Call to our booking helpdesk and book your excess baggage for Cameroon. Will provide you with a free pick up, packing service from your door in Jaipur.

Do you want to send documents to Cameroon?

Are you thinking to send Document for Cameroon? Don’t Worry, just call to our well trained Executive and get all information about sending International Document to Cameroon. You can Book your delivery online by Call/Email and we will collect your Documents from your Door and will deliver at your receiver Door Address.

Do you want to send commercial shipments to Cameroon?

Do you have a commercial shipment for Cameroon? Call to our company and get all the information for How to send commercial Goods to Cameroon. Our well-experienced Executive will assist you with the All Documentation process and way for sending.

Do you want to send Cosmetic, Liquid, Chemical courier to Cameroon? 

Wanted to send Cosmetics/Liquid/Chemical/Medicine/Powder Items, Just call to our company and book your consignment for Cameroon. We have all the service to send these items. You can send it for Personal Use, Sample Use, Commercial Use purpose to Cameroon.

Special Services offered. 

The advantage with us for courier delivery to Cameroon

Top 100 City List in Cameroon 

Douala Yaoundé Garoua Kousséri Bamenda Maroua Bafoussam Mokolo Ngaoundéré Bertoua Edéa Loum Kumba Nkongsamba Mbouda Dschang Foumban Ébolowa Guider Foumbot Bafang Yagoua Mbalmayo Meïganga Bali Limbe Bafia Wum Bangangté Tiko Kribi Mora Sangmélima Kumbo Nkoteng Mutengene Buea Garoua Boulaï Batouri Fundong Fontem Mbanga Banyo Manjo Melong Tibati Muyuka Obala Nanga Eboko Penja Mbandjok Kaélé Bamusso Lagdo Tcholliré Bélabo Lolodorf Eséka Mamfe Dizangué Akonolinga Bogo Tonga Abong Mbang Yokadouma Bazou Mundemba Bétaré Oya Rey Bouba Pitoa Mindif Babanki Mbengwi Akom II Batibo Belo Dimako Ambam Njinikom Ndikiniméki Bonabéri Kontcha Yabassi Bansoa Ngou Makary Bekondo Bandjoun Bélel Bamendjou Ngambé Ntui Mme-Bafumen Saa Poli Bankim Bana Doumé Nguti Ndom Okola Yoko Jakiri Ndelele Minta Dibombari Tignère Ngomedzap Akono Essé Koza Okoa Mbankomo Ngoro Diang Somié Mvangué Ombésa Mouanko Évodoula Mbang

Frequently Asked question for sending a courier, cargo & parcel to Cameroon

Do I get a tracking service:? Yes, as soon as your shipment is picked from your location by our team you will be given tracking copy which will have a tracking number for your shipment. which can be used to track your shipment on our website

How safe is to ship GIEPL?  we work with reputed & known International agents at the origin & destination points of your package. We have authorized agents for a major international worldwide shipping company.

Do you provide packing service? Yes, we can provide packing service at the limited location, please contact our customer support team to learn if packing service is available at your location?

Do you provide door pickup service? Yes, we do pick packages from almost any part of the world? Pickup charges may or may not apply depending on your pickup location. Please contact our customer support team to learn about pickup charges for your shipment.

Free Pickup & Packaging Location In Jaipur with a free strong box for Sending courier To Cameroon.

Courier Charges To Cameroon From Jaipur

Courier To Cameroon from Jaipur, Courier Charges from Jaipur to Cameroon.

Customs Duty And Import Tariff For Cameroon From Jaipur

Restricted Items Which Is Not Allowed To Send From Jaipur To Cameroon By Courier/Parcel

Packaging & Weight Detail for Courier To Cameroon From Jaipur.

Dimension Weight Advice For Sending Courier & Parcel To Cameroon

Prohibited Item List What you can & can’t send To Cameroon From Jaipur

Remote Area Location & Surcharge detail For Cameroon

If any further question-related Courier Charges To Cameroon From Jaipur please feel free to contact us.