Global India Express provide best discounted rate for Courier Cargo Parcel & Shipping delivery to Anywhere in Aarhus Denmark from Delhi/NCR.

Our network of International Courier Cargo Parcel & Shipping services for Aarhus Denmark vast resources at its disposal, so can handle any package, no matter what its size, efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. The internet has meant that we easily take for granted the ability to send a parcel overseas, but equally, it has increased demand for cheap international delivery, which has made the competition in this field keener than ever. But rather than get bogged down in the vast choices available to you when looking for discount Courier Cargo Parcel & Shipping for Aarhus Denmark, you should check us out first, as established experts in the field, with great working relationships with the leading delivery companies, we can offer you great deals on your delivery which you won’t find anywhere else.


“ We Deliver Anything Anywhere in Aarhus

Charges below are door to door Courier Cargo Parcel Shipping rates to Aarhus Denmark from Delhi/NCR. These charges are cheapest in Delhi/NCR for sending Courier Cargo Parcel Shipping to Aarhus Denmark from Delhi/NCR (India). This is by a courier company which is the best in industry for Courier Cargo Parcel Shipping services to Aarhus Denmark. Global India Express is one of the very few companies who have their own network for distributing parcel in Aarhus Denmark.  It will take anywhere between 4 and 6 working days to deliver your Courier Cargo Parcel & Shipping to Aarhus Denmark from Delhi/NCR. We will be simply collecting the parcel from your business or Home in India and delivering it to your destination address in Aarhus Denmark.

Below Charges Through International Courier Worldwide, Others Priority, UPS Express & TNT Express Door to Door Delivery in anywhere in Aarhus Denmark (Destination duty taxes as applicable)

-Door to Door- Free Pickup – Free Packaging- Online Tracking – Payment Through Debit/Credit Card

WeightGIE-ExpressAramexInternational CourierFedExTNTUPSSelf-Cago
Estimated Delivery*6-8 Days*5-10 Days*3-5 Days*3-5 Days*3-5 Days3-5 Days6-12 Days*
Dox-  0.51450141017551999155014901450
Rate Per Kg - FlatGIE-ExpressAramexInternational CourierOthersTNTUPSSelf-Cago
Above 10 Kg500650650700650650500
Above 20 Kg320600600650600600320
Above 30 Kg310600564480550550310
Above 40 Kg310500550450480480310
Above 50 Kg300500468450450450300
Above 70 Kg290450450392450450290
Above 100 Kg270400349380450450270

Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in Aarhus Denmark) will be additional.


v    Service Tax GST As applicable on total bill.

v    Actual weight and volume weight whichever is higher will be applicable.

v    Volume weight calculator (Length x writhe x heights /5000) CMS.

v    We need complete packed this shipment at the time of pickup of packet.

v    Chargeable weight will be determined after package is picked up from location by our team.

v    If you have multiple boxes each items will be calculated with actual or dimensional weight whichever is higher.

v    Global India Express will not be responsible for any delays in shipment due to custom clearance, National Holidays, religious holidays, inclement weather conditions, etc.

v    all consignment must be wrapped, packed, and addressed for safe handling

v    any custom duty charged by destination govt. consignee will have to pay as per actual

v    Services tax as applicable as per Govt rule 15%

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